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Entertainment News: Wednesday Watching Post: What are you reading and watching and thinking before Shahrukh’s birthday?

happy Wednesday! I felt so fast this week. Probably because my work has become busy, causing days to fly by very fast.

I’ll start!

Reading: O o! I have a good one this week! Aman Basha, who has commented here for some time, h as written a talk on SRK which is really interesting. Y’all must read it! https://baradwajrangan.wordpress.com/2020/10/22/readers-write-in-287-peddler-of-dre ams-seller-of-love/

watching: I’ve been on a kick of crime-ish documentaries. Don’t know why, it’s just weird to see something satisfying about seeing humans. I think if I want the Indian version, I can get as close as I can sword

. Oh and tonight i’m thinking about watching The willoughbys with my parents. Has anyone seen Is it good as the reviews say?


: I may need to change my schedule. I am doing Sunday nights with my parents on Wednesday nights, but this last weekend with the sun already underway, and too cold to really meet with friends, and so on, my apartment is very Started feeling weird and empty. May need to be with others a few days a week. Also, I live close to my parents !!!! I do not know how to do this alone with young people who are not close to family. I think they do not, I am hearing more and more stories of people leaving their apartments and flying cross country to go back home.

Listen: Since it is almost Shahrukh Day, it seems appropriate

Now, the question for you! First, What are you doing for halloween

I bought scary earrings that I would wear all day. And I can put a dress on the dog when I walk him. My mother ordered fancy truffles and was going to keep a bag of them at all the neighbor’s doors. The homemade dress for my nephew has yet to be determined because his parents had forgotten until the last minute and it is now too late to order the goods.

Second, What is the scariest movie (Indian or otherwise) you’ve ever seen?

Innocent people Did I see it while meeting a friend in a film program and it was TERRIFYING. For Indian films, I think maybe edge to edge. The combination of jump scare and traditional terror with frightening metaphors of violence against women is truly frightening.

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